Call for Papers: Illustration & Writing

Call for Papers: Illustration & Writing

Illustration & Writing:
Visual Languages

2nd International Illustration Research Symposium in conjunction with the Writing PAD network.

North Wales School of Art & Design, Glyndwr University
Thursday 3rd November 2011

“I must Create my own System or be Enslav’d by another Man’s”

Following on from Shadow Play in Cardiff in November 2010, the 2nd International Illustration Research Symposium looks to illustration as an expression of the ‘primary language of vision’ (Kepes) and aims to integrate its practices and philosophies, both historical and emerging. The event seeks to expand the theoretical and practical frameworks and nuances of this potent and far-reaching discipline.

The call for papers throws the net widely on illustration’s primary intentions: the visualisation of concepts, poetic and rhetoric expression, the elaborative encoding of information and memory through analogy, metaphor and marginalia. We invite papers which explore the synergy between word and image, word as image, the subversive interrogation of text, and the telling of stories through imagery.

Illustration and Writing will look at illustration as visual language, and reflect on the role of the image within, around and in place of writing.
We hope to explore the ways that purposeful images can augment, clarify or problematise meaning in relation to text.

We welcome papers covering the following themes;

  • Illustration as interrogation of text
  • Illustration as translation
  • Fact and truth in illustration
  • Narrative and allegorical illustration
  • Redefining illustration for children
  • Non-fiction, scientific and medical illustration
  • Image and text/Text as image
  • Hybrid writing
  • Visual thinking
  • Image perception and cognition
  • Illustration, memory and knowledge
  • The use of illustration within different education scenarios
  • Illustration within and in place of academic writing

Abstracts of no more than 500 words (or recorded presentations of no more than 5 minutes long) should be sent to Desdemona McCannon:


Submission deadline: 7 July 2011

Selected papers will be published in issue 1 of volume 5 (5:1) of the Journal of Writing for Creative Practice.

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